Hazardous Area Lighting

Lighting solutions from Schuch.

SCHUCH specialises in providing solutions for hazardous area lighting issues in a variety of harsh environmental conditions.

SCHUCH cater for extreme conditions making light fittings for areas such as hazardous area lighting, damp proof lighting and marine lighting. For instance, their explosion proof protected zone1 and zone2 light fittings.

Eco light systems are delighted to have formed successful partnerships with many European companies such as SCHUCH.

Eco light systems offers multiple low energy, eco-friendly products which offer high-profit potential. All light fittings are as a result of SCHUCH‘s own research and development. Additionally, they research the market looking for opportunities to fill with new solutions and ultimately, improve efficiency and costs.

Other applications take advantage of lighting in many operating conditions, such as in locations with a high-temperature range or frequent sub-zero weather.

SCHUCH are leaders in developing explosion proof light fittings for fluorescent tubes. Their light fittings are freely available on the open market and all meet the relevant safety standards.

Worldwide Schuch operates one of the most leading-edge manufacturing programs.

SCHUCH repeatedly set the standard for innovation, for instance, their explosion proof light fittings for induction-type lamps.

SCHUCH operates one of the most versatile development programs in illumination technics for the gas industry and dust explosion protection in the world.



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