ExSTREAM LED High Bay Fitting for Ex-Zone 1/21 Series e8825

NEW ExSTREAM LED-Floodlight for Ex-Zone 1/21 Series e8820

The new Schuch ExSTREAM LED-Floodlight for Ex-Zone 1/21 Series e8820 is robust, highly efficient and extremely durable. The ex light fitting is designed so that a cooling rib structure encloses each housing segment. This results in excellent heat dissipation and good convection allowing additional cooling of each luminaire segment. With a choice of luminous flux depending upon your project needs these fittings can efficiently replace conventional luminaires with high pressure sodium lamps up to 400W. Easy to install and maintain with two cable entries and in and out wiring allowing for additional cost savings. With mounting brackets, the floodlights can be adjusted quickly and easily depending upon requirements.