Three sizes, one design!

The new FOCO VARIO – small but powerful!

The well-known plane surface floodlights / floodlights of the 7700 and 7800 series from SCHUCH get accomplished by a new member and will be marketed under the name FOCO in the future.

The newest and smallest member joins the FOCO family as a VARIO light fitting and is a true all-rounder:

  • Powerful and variable
    Thanks to almost infinitely adjustable luminous flux, it replaces in two variants a wide range of conventional floodlights (HME 80 to 250 or HST 50 to 100 and HSE 150)
  • Flexible
    The luminous flux can be adjusted at any time, simply, quickly
    and without tools (2.430lm – 9.270lm)
  • Plane surface floodlight or floodlight, the applied optical lenses define the characteristics of the lighting distribution curve
  • Unique in combination – now with added versatility allowing the combination of luminous flux and application flexibility with the highest level of quality
  • Small but not alone, together with the larger 7700 and 7800 series, it ensures optical uniformity and requirement based illumination in numerous outdoor areas

Familiar products with a fresh, modern look

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