Schuch LIMAS Smart Street Light

LIMAS smart street light management system uses the principle, use light as needed and for as long as required – optimally exploit the efficiency potential of LED technology and make maximum savings on energy costs.

With the LIMAS light management system from SCHUCH, you can create a needs-oriented, intelligent lighting control system. These lighting control system are particularly useful for streets, squares, cycle paths and industrial buildings. Intelligent components built into the light fittings automatically generate a wireless network to communicate with each other.

Settings are changeable as you desire, or by motion detection, you can turn up a dimming lighting level or return them to a pre-set background level. What is more, you can alter the programmed operating modes at any time. Lighting operating data read through encrypted remote access at a PC or via a tablet and USB dongle on site. So your lighting network is efficient, monitored, under control, measured and operated at all times.

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