The Quadratube by Sammode

The Quadratube by Sammode

Sammode is launching a whole new revolution: the iconic round tube is going square, or nearly… Architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte has redesigned Sammode’s famous tubular lamp.

The Quadratube still has all the smart features of Jean-Michel Wilmotte’s original design, but now it also boasts modern technology and outstanding manufacturing. The aim is to provide top quality visual comfort and lighting.

“We have been able to redesign the very concept of a tubular luminaire by opting for a sleek and elegant rectangular shape” Jean-Michel Wilmotte, designer.

“We took a closer look at the different types of perforations for reflectors and anti-glare louvres. This was real detail work!” Jean-Michel Wilmotte, designer.

Quadratube Brochure

Please contact [email protected] for the complete brochure or visit the Sammode website  Collection Quadratube by Wilmotte – Sammode