Explosion Proof Solutions for Hazardous Area Lighting, LED, Hi-Bay,
Industrial and Food Standard Lighting, specialising in lighting for distilleries.


Explosion Proof Solutions for Hazardous Area Lighting, LED, Hi-Bay,
Industrial and Food Standard Lighting, specialising in lighting for distilleries.

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Ecolighting Systems was formed in 2011 by Simon Taylor. Simon has a wealth of experience in Explosion Proof Lighting, Hazardous Area Lighting and Industrial Lighting.

We distribute Industrial Lighting and Lighting Control Systems in addition to providing a design and solution service specifically for explosion proof lighting, hazardous area lighting, industrial and food standard lighting, LED and industrial and marine lighting solutions.

Ecolighting Systems pride ourselves with meeting customer requirements for light fittings products in particularly harsh environments such as waterproof light fitting , dustproof light fittings, Industrial-type light fittings, Outdoor luminaires, Emergency light fittings.

Sammode Alder

As practical and lightweight as ever, the new Alder is now more powerful and more durable, so you can light more effectively with fewer light points. Reduced investment and spectacular operating savings.– 8-year warranty for 24/7 use at 35°C (NEW)– Even more versatile with T6 gas certification (NEW)– Lightweight and easy to install sliding board– Electrical connection option to avoid expensive and cumbersome explosive atmosphere junction boxes.


Schuch Zone 2/22 High Temperature Fittings


The nD866 series is suitable for applications for Zone 2 (gas) and Zone 22 (dust) areas.

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Design Details
Housing: Glass fibre reinforced polyester resin.
Cover: Injected polycarbonate, frosted (F) or clear, silicone gasket.
Closure: Stainless steel clips (KE), two of them as safety clip (KES), to be opened with screwdriver only resin.Reflector: Sheet Steel, painted, carrying theLED-modules and all electrical components,
clipped into the cover, suspendable.
Connection: 3 poles up to 2,5 mm².
Cable entries: 3 entries M25 x 1,5, (2 glands – one of them is plugged)
Standard: Facing downwards or forwards.
Mechanical installation: Direct ceiling mounting is possible. Rubber washers are included.




The  light management system LIMAS allows a needs-based, extremely efficient and comfortable lighting control on streets, squares and cycle paths!

Intelligent components built into the luminaires automatically generate a wireless network to communicate with each other. As desired or when motion is detected, the light fittings can either turn up a dimmed lighting level or return to a pre-set background level.

Ecolighting Systems now offer a range of Hazardous Area motion Detectors

Ecolighting Systems now offers a range of extremely competitively priced Hazardous Area motion detectors. Using microwave technology the MWS sensor can be used in Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22 areas.

The benefit of microwave sensing is it is less reliant on line of site detection and can be used effectively in areas with a high density of plant, pipework etc. With an aluminium body and extremely robust borosilicate glass the MWS detector will increase energy savings in hazardous areas where, for example, the lighting is continuously on. Whisky Still rooms, maturation warehouses, tanker loading bays etc. Please get in touch for details and pricing.

Information Sheet

Introducing the Brueghel by Sammode – Architectural Lighting Range

Railway Inspection Pit Lighting by Sammode – Industrial Lighting Range

The Sabatier Xtrem luminaire is now available for even more extreme applications!

– Exceptional durability in intensive use at 50°C (NEW)– Certified class T5 Gas (NEW)– 100% stainless steel and high-strength glass– Uncompromising chemical resistance– Resistant to continuous vibration– 100% removable and repairable– Available with multiple cable entry options, and even pre-wired on request, on explosive atmosphere plug-in cable


Sammode    Paulie HT 200 X Heat

The Pauli HT200 X-Heat luminaire can withstand the extreme conditions faced in very high temperature environments, up to 200°.

An iconic luminaire, with an exceptionally long life, this fitting comes with a 5 year warranty.

This luminaire, with its compact ultra-solid housing for 1 or 2 E27 bulbs specifically designed for furnaces, is emblematic of the century-old expertise held by Sammode. This unit is non-flammable and hard-wearing and can offer long-lasting lighting for the most extreme industrial processes, in places operators just cannot tread.

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Sammode    Joule X-Heat HT

Sammode is unveiling an exclusive ‘HT’ version, capable of reaching a permanent operating temperature of 85°C. The JOULE X-Heat HT uses components specifically qualified for their resistance to thermal stress and a control gear board that can be remotely mounted up to 50m away. It pushes back the limits of LEDs in extreme industrial environments. Durably waterproof, thanks to robust materials (stainless steel and IK10 polycarbonate) and an axial locking device (SCREW© system) that is insensitive to thermal variations, JOULE X-Heat HT offers exceptional longevity and reliability even in intensive use, as demonstrated by its ULTIMATE 5-year Guarantee, valid for use 24/7 at maximum temperature.


Sammode   Jamin

Jamin ATEX tubular luminaires are easy to fit, and can be repaired or upgraded. This model is durably sealed and highly resistant to corrosive agents and UVs, so is suitable for ATEX environments, zones 2 and 21/22.

The Jamin is resistant to corrosive substance and acid vapours, oils and hydrocarbons, UV radiation and bad weather. Suitable for washing with a high pressure jet. Meets the Health and Safety requirements of IFS, BRC and HACCP. 8-year warranty, no matter how tough the conditions.


Zone 0 Temporary Lighting from Wolf

Zone 0 Temporary Lighting from Wolf 

Wolfs range of temporary lighting is renowned for its quality and technical superiority. The ATEX Zone 0 Flood Bank exploits the excellent performance and reliability of the Wolflite XT Rechargeable Zone 0 Handlamps to deliver collectively a flood of outstanding illumination, of up to 2,100 lumens, to a Zone 0 hazardous task area. So if you are looking for temporary lighting for tank / still inspection please get in contact with us

Introducing the NEW Wolf Zone 1 portable and re-chargeable worklight WL50

LED Portable, Lightweight Zone 1/21 Worklight

NEW ! Wolf safety portable worklight. 9kg. 3100 lumens at source. Up to 10 hrs battery life. IP67. Ideal for close quater work such as Whisky/Gin Still cleaning

Our clients are Industrial Companies including manufacturers, ports/harbours and food production.

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