Explosion Proof Solutions for Hazardous Area Lighting, LED, Hi-Bay,
Industrial and Food Standard Lighting, specialising in lighting for distilleries.


Explosion Proof Solutions for Hazardous Area Lighting, LED, Hi-Bay,
Industrial and Food Standard Lighting, specialising in lighting for distilleries.

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Hazardous Area

bread bakery food factory production with fresh products

Food & Drink Production

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Marine Ports & Harbours

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Ecolighting Systems was formed in 2011 by Simon Taylor. Simon has a wealth of experience in Explosion Proof Lighting, Hazardous Area Lighting and Industrial Lighting.

We distribute Industrial Lighting and Lighting Control Systems in addition to providing a design and solution service specifically for explosion proof lighting, hazardous area lighting, industrial and food standard lighting, LED and industrial and marine lighting solutions.

Ecolighting Systems pride ourselves with meeting customer requirements for light fittings products in particularly harsh environments such as waterproof light fitting , dustproof light fittings, Industrial-type light fittings, Outdoor luminaires, Emergency light fittings.

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Introducing the NEW Wolf Zone 1 portable and re-chargeable worklight WL50

LED Portable, Lightweight Zone 1/21 Worklight

NEW ! Wolf safety portable worklight. 9kg. 3100 lumens at source. Up to 10 hrs battery life. IP67. Ideal for close quater work such as Whisky/Gin Still cleaning

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New Products From Schuch Available From September 2020


LED Handlamp for Ex-Zones 1/21 Series e9310

NEW ! Schuch Zone 1/21 hand held LED lamp . Replacement for the highly successful series e8310 hand held lamp. Ideal in close quarter work where fixed lighting is not available


LED Ceiling  or Wall-mountrd light fitting for Ex-Zones 1/21 Series e9312

NEW ! Schuch Zone1/21 compact LED bulkhead . Ideal as a fixed fitting in areas requiring low illumination. Suitable for offshore and marine applications.


LED Steep roof light fitting for Ex-Zone 2/22 Series nD822

New ! Schuch Zone 2/22 extreme low profile LED linear fitting. Ideal for clean rooms, paint booths, spray booths. The extreme low profile fitting can be recessed into a spray booth ceiling.


AREALO LED Large Area Spotlight Series 7850

NEW ! Schuch Large Area LED flood light delivering up to a massive 150,000 lumens of light. The housing is suitable for aggressive environments such as ports and harbours and is resistant to high wind levels. Low wind load.


NEW Schuch 2’ (678mm) Zone 1 and Zone 2 LED fittings

Schuch have introduced 2’ (678mm) Zone 1 and Zone 2 LED fittings to complement their highly successful range of 865 and 866 linears. Ideal for areas of extreme temperature or moisture these fittings are robust and use only quality components. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Additionally they are perfect for retrofitting old traditional 2’ fluorescent installations. Please click on Fact Sheet for product information. For price and availability please contact us.

Latest News

Ecolighting Systems sponsor the 4th hole at Bonnyton Golf Club, one of the finest golf courses in the West of Scotland 


Industrial Lighting

dry goods chivas

Chivas Bottling Facility

State of the art bottling facility utilises Schuch throughout with a focus on Industrial lighting . This is a dry goods store utilising the excellent Schuch series 3302 twin wing high bays. Explosion proof versions are also available.


Chivas Bottling Hall Automated Palletising Warehouse

Schuch linear LED Industrial dustproof/waterproof lighting used in an automated Palletised warehouse.  The robust fittings have a high tolerance to vibration and are ideal where the racking is subject to oscillating movement.

Bairds Malt

Parker High Temperature Fittings To Be Used In Major Expansion Of Malting Facility

A major manufacturer of malted barley will be using the Parker high temperature fitting as part of their site expansion in the east coast of Scotland. The Parker fitting has been proven to withstand extreme high temperatures up to 80 degrees and this is ideal for the process of germination which is undertaken within large kilns. The Parker fitting is unique in its temperature tolerances particularly with an LED light source. The exceptional heat dissipation and use of robust components in the fitting delivers outstanding endurance.

For more information regarding our high temperature fittings please contact us.

Our clients are Industrial Companies including manufacturers, ports/harbours and food production.

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