The Ecolighting Systems Approach To Illuminating Distilleries

When it comes to aged spirits, we all know about the Angel’s Share – the proportion of spirit that evaporates into the air when the liquid is being aged in oak barrels. And it’s precisely this angel’s share that makes lighting for distilleries a specialist task.

Whether it’s the distilling room itself or the associated storage warehouses stacked up with barrels of fine spirit, these environments filled with highly flammable vapour add yet another layer of complexity to the task at hand.

At Ecolighting Systems, we have been servicing the UK’s spirits sector for over 13 years, providing ATEX, Hazardous Area lighting and wider industrial lighter solutions to distilleries up and down the UK. We’ve worked with some of the most prominent names in whisky and gin, including Rosebank, Edinburgh Gin, and Glenturret to name but a few.

Here’s a little more about our approach to lighting for distilleries and how our expertise can really make a difference to each project.

Our process

  1. Understand the operating environment

The first step for us is to consult with the client – whether that’s the architect, consultant, or owner of the building in question themselves. During this consultation we’ll learn about the operating environment by asking questions about the space, how it functions and what sort of temperatures and moisture content it has or is required to have.

  1. Defining the area(s)

From this first step, we’ll then gather more detailed information about the area in question. What are the potential obstructions to light propagation, how will the space be used by those accessing it, and what does this mean for the requirements of the lighting.

  1. Establishing limitations for fixtures

Where can we fit each fixture? Is the ceiling space suitable for fixtures, suitable for suspension, and is there access to cabling there. These are the type of things we’ll assess at this stage.

  1. Designig a solution

With all of the above information to hand we’ll use our specialist software to draft a proposed lighting solution that encompasses all spaces outlined in the brief. During this process we’ll continue dialogue with the client to make sure we have all the facts to hand (including timescales and lead times for specific products) to maximise the suitability of our proposal.

  1. Quotes and tendering

With the solution agreed in principle, we’ll prepare a quotation and submit this to the client. If tendering, this information will be submitted in a suitable format.

  1. Delivering and install

If successfully agreed by the client and a receipt of order is received, we’ll then agree the delivery schedule and start planning for delivery.


We offer ongoing aftercare to our clients with reference to product warranties and the necessary certificates, ensuring you get the very best from your new lighting solution.

Why choose Ecolighting Systems

At Ecolighting Systems, we work with high-quality suppliers who provide exceptional products and robust warranties. But it is our tailored approach, informed by our 13 years of experience in industrial lighting that best-serves our clients. We can identify the ideal solution and products for each of your individual spaces. We already understand the potential hazards and limitations that affect each industry, and this makes us efficient and effective in our approach. And we’re proud to offer some of the best delivery times on the market.

All of this delivered by our customer-focused team.

If you’d like to discuss your next project or ongoing lighting requirements get in touch at [email protected] or give us a call on 141 374 0432.