Food Industry Standard Lighting

Specially protected Food Industry Standard Lighting LED lighting are ideal for applications in food production areas.

Our food industry standard light fittings have chemically resistant housings which most importantly, are resistant to aggressive cleaning materials. Additionally, our fittings meet all Industrial Food Standards and include stainless steel clips for metal detection.

Food production facilities experience high-quality lighting that doesn’t flicker. Additionally, solutions provide instant switch-on, this ensures a safe and brightly lit environment for all workers and the food products being handled.

High standard regulation of the food production industry ensures products will meet government food standards. Lighting plays a crucial role in meeting these standards, and lighting provided by Ecolightsystems improves food production facilities. For instance, in factories and gastro-pubs our products are compliant with stringent regulations by delivering full spectrum solutions.

Moreover, good lighting solutions continue to play a big part in food production facilities. As a result, maintenance requirements will be minimal and workers are able to concentrate on doing what they do best. Our lighting solutions have an average 50,000 hour lifespan. In short, customers can concentrate on equipment and machinery, feeling safe in the knowledge that the lights remain on.

We estimate that food production facilities are able to make substantial cost savings by switching to LED lights. Additionally, businesses can make savings of up to 90% of their lighting bills, reducing overheads and running costs.