Food Processing Range

At Ecolighting Systems we offer a comprehensive range of lighting which is designed for a variety of food processing sectors.

To accompany our range of Dairy and Agricultural lighting we, at Ecolighting
Systems, offer a range of lighting which is fully compliant with all the major Compliance systems e.g. BRC, IFS, HACCP. Our fittings are specifically designed to meet the harsh environments found in the food production sector,
whether it be waste product, extreme moisture, high or low temperature.
Particularly in Fish and Meat Processing these environments are common.

Similar to the LM range these LED fittings are a budget version that
still incorporates the key design features for compliance. Designed
for less aggressive cleaning regimes these fittings can operate in ambient
temperatures from -40 to as high as +65 degrees. Ideal for bakery/ confectionery lines.

Dustproof / Waterproof LED light fitting with a chemically resistant housing for usein areas requiring frequent and deep cleans.
These fittings can operate over a broad range of ambient temperatures from -40 degrees to +50 degrees. With metal detectable components and a shatterproof diffuser these fittings are ideal for the harshest of environments.

A comprehensive range of International Food Standard High Bay Fittingsthe Triano range is ideal for the general lighting of large open factories. The Triano
meets IFS/BRC/ VDMA standards, in plants, that have to fulfill the
HACCP Concept. Again with a large range of ambient temperatures in which the Traino can operate its an ideal solution for processing, packing or chiller halls.

A robust tubular LED fitting which has an Ingress Protection rating up to IP68.
This fitting can withstand water hose pressure during clean down. IFS compliant. Additionally the tubular construction minimises the risk of bacterial build up on flat surfaces. “Plug and Play“ connection makes the Tubeo range easy to install and like the other products in our Food Processing Range