The Fish Industry In Scotand


The Fish Industry is a crucial part of the Scottish economy in terms of generating revenue however there are many challenges faced by fish producers, small and large.

Overfishing being one of the most important concerns for fish producers. With an increase in consumption of fish products, it is vital that producers maximise the yield of their catch. Efficient processing conditions can increase the yield of the catch generating additional income from side streams (head and viscera).

Lighting conditions need to be at the optimal to ensure efficient working conditional as well and meeting the health and safety requirements.
Sammode lighting are a leading manufacturer of lighting for the food processing industry. Our range of fittings are uniquely designed to enhance hygiene in production and process areas as their tubular profile minimises flat surfaces which may be subject to bacterial build up. The single end cable entry results in optimising ingress protection and Sammode fittings are rated up to IP69, ideal in areas where high pressure cleaning is practiced.

The design of Sammode fittings allows operation in extreme temperatures both high and low. Fittings are available for temperatures down to -40 degrees or as high as +200 degrees so blast freezing or high temperature cooking applications can be lit using Sammode fittings. Sammode also use the highest quality materials including borosilicate glass and marine grade steel. Consequently, Sammode offer a 5 or 8 year full fitting warranty on their entire range.
We are confident that Sammode will exceed your requirements for food processing lighting and would be delighted to discuss them with you.