Tuneable Lighting for ATEX applications


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Tuneable Lighting For ATEX Applications

Case Study

Increasingly, and based on comprehensive studies of the work place environment, employers are switching to Tuneable lighting. In essence the “type” or quality of light can enhance the work place. For example, a “warm” light early or later in the working day can gradually peak to a whiter “cool“ light during the middle of the working day. This reflects the natural exterior light and reduces the harshness of artificial lighting.

It has been proven to improve the “mood” of employees and consequently productivity. There are however limitations to the technology. Notably to date, there has not been the technology for tuneable lighting for explosion proof lighting. This is a problem in distillation or bottling facilities, pharmaceuticals and petrochemical production. Ecolighting working with both Abtech and Edge lighting have developed a tuneable fitting in an Ex enclosure allowing a variation in the colour temperature over the working day. Please contact us for more information.

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