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Glenmorangie Lighthouse Distillery

Case Study

In collaboration with Ecolighting Systems and Blyth and Blyth Consulting Engineers Ltd, the Glenmorangie’s Lighthouse distillery proudly looks out over the Dornoch Firth with its towering 20m-high glass stillhouse which can be seen for miles around.

Fittings from Schuch include the ND867 explosion protected LED emergency light fittings and the ND8611 compact LED emergency and escape sign light fittings.  The Lighthouse blends imagination and tradition with its triple-height still room, purpose-built sensory laboratory, and brewhouse which will allow the team at Glenmorangie Distillery in the most unexpected ways.

To help preserve and sustain Glenmorangie’s beautiful Highland surroundings, the Lighthouse will be partly powered by biogas, created in an anaerobic digestion plant on site.

For more information please contact Ecolighting Systems.

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