LIMAS Smart Street Lighting For Remote Locations


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LIMAS Smart Street Lighting For Remote Locations

Case Study

A client with multiple sites, many unmanned, recently built a new production facility in the West of Scotland. As part of the project Ecolighting Systems were asked to  provide solution street/car park lighting. Having established that the customer had  multiple remote storage sites which were generally unmanned we suggested the Schuch LIMAS Smart Lighting System. LIMAS allows the operator to remotely control lighting which can be at sites which are isolated and only require occasional lit, for example, when a delivery or uplift by truck is made.

The LIMAS system is highly flexible and while it is aimed, primarily, at street lighting applications, it can be applied to other lighting types such as flood lighting or architectural lighting. Additionally the use of Zhaga technology allows retrofit and compatibility with other Zhaga technology manufacturers. The city of Chur in Switzerland and Frankfurt in Germany are rolling out the LIMAS system. Additionally Chivas in Scotland are using LIMAS at their main production and remote warehouse sites. Please contact us for more information.

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