Eco Light Systems offers a comprehensive range of Industrial and Marine Light fittings from our partners SCHUCH .

Our products are of exceptional quality, functionality and fit for purpose. Industries covered include General Manufacturing, Food Production, Pharmaceuticals ,Utilities, Mining and Harbour/Port and Marine applications.

All our products optimise the latest technology in energy efficiency including LED, High Efficiency ballasts and PIR/Occupancy sensing minimising you’re in-use costs and return on investment.

We can also supply our lighting with state of the art Long life lamps from Aura Lighting further enhancing the benefits of our lighting packages.

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Eco Light Systems have worked closely with Adolph Schuch to offer you a range of Industrial and Marine Lighting Products.


Insignia FittingThrough SCHUCH we can supply the latest in Flourescent and LED Industrial fittings for use in harsh environments where, for example humidity and temperature are an issue. Examples of applications include greenhouse lighting, flour mills, paper mills and food factories.

Our SCHUCH fittings are rated above and beyond most of our competitors where we can offer a fluorescent fitting to IP66 being able to operate in an ambient atmosphere of 70 degrees. We believe this to be one of the highest temperature ratings available.