Eco light systems are delighted to work with our partner NEDAP to offer a comprehensive range of wireless lighting control solutions aimed at Hi-Bay Discharge Lighting.

Known as LUXON our wireless ballasts / gear can be remotely controlled and managed to allow direct control of lighting output, thereby reducing in-use costs such as maintenance which, particularly in very hi-bay applications can be expensive.

The NEDAP solution also anticipates the “drop off” in output from the discharge lamp so that the initial energy peak demand from a newly fitted lamp is smoothed thereby enhancing lamp life and reducing energy costs.

LUXON software can be used to monitor the lighting system by integrating the ballasts. Energy consumptiuon can be monitored and light output controlled. This can be done from the same site or remotely from another location.

Systems have been installed globally and clients include Danone and Paul Jost GmbH. Read more about our solutions in the Case Study section