BARTEC LogoThe name BARTEC is known and relied upon all over the world.

With an international network of 14 production sites in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Norway, Slovenia, USA, Italy and China as well as with about 40 sales units and more than 50 international sales partners, the market and technology leader in safety technology is present all over the world and active on site to support the customer.

BARTEC is able to provide custom solutions for hazardous area equipment as well as off the shelf product lines for use in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, water, power generation and mining industries.

BARTEC's extensive portfolio includes trace heating components and solutions for frost protection and process temperature maintenance, enclosures and junction boxes as well as control stations, push buttons, limit switches, line bushings and flame proof motors for your control and connection requirements as well as remote I/O components and systems, HMI visualisation products, hand held and computer work stations for process control requirements.

BARTEC also offers a broad range of Ex equipment in flame proof encapsulation (EEx d), pressurised systems (EEx p), increased safety (EEx e) and intrinsically safe (EEx i) for use in gas zone 1 and zone 2 applications as well as dust zone 21 and zone 22 applications. We are also able to supply a full range of process analysers including physical property, distillation, cloud point, freezing point, flash point, vapour pressure and moisture in line systems specific to oil refineries.